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Traditional Menes Costume in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries

Men’s costume:

  • Jacket: Of the same material as the underwear. Cut in a Goyaesque style, quite short, straight with a collar and big pointed lapels with visible stitching. The long sleeves stuck on. Buttons matching those on the waistcoat but larger. Flat pockets. Lined only in the body.
  • Waistcoat: Of black baize, fastened with metal buttons, and lined with rustic linen. Adjusted at the back by means of two ribbons, thread eyelets (never metal ones) and laces.
  • Men's shirt: Of thick linen, and reaching down to the knees, with side openings, open to the yoke, gathered with a series of small pleats into a wide band collar which is fastened with a cloth buttons. The wide sleeves with an inset, called a blade, beneath the arms for comfort and to give shape, end in a narrow cuff.
  • Underwear: Of brown burato cloth and matching the jacket, reaching to the knees with side openings finished with a cuff and fasten with a metal button. The upper part is open and buttoned at both sides and reinforced with rustic linen. On one side there is a straight pocket.
  • Cummerbund: Black sash which functions as braces, as a warm layer and a place to keep the hip flask and money.
  • Long Socks: Home-made, hand-knitted from pure sheep’s wool.
  • Footwear: Espadrilles, clogs.

Traje tradicional del Valle de Mena

Women’s costume:

  • Scarves: Of natural linen, but finer than that used for the shirts, quite wide and cut straight, finished off with a special stitching. One is worn on the head and the other around the neck.
  • Doublet: Of the same cloth as the skirt, short, straight and open at the front, with black baize trimming, straight sleeves with the same trim stuck at the cuffs. As with the men’s jacket, only the body is lined, with rustic linen.
  • Bodice: A sort of bra or underwear made of black baize and lined with rustic linen, sleeveless and fastened with laces.
  • Shirt: Thick linen, reaching to the knee with very wide sleeves pleated at the shoulder and cuff which is fastened with a thread button and eyelet. Open to the yoke and simply fastened at the collar which is a cross-cut strip of cloth with two buttons used like cufflinks.
  • Guardapiés: A long, very full heavy cloth skirt made up of panels joined at the waist. The only decoration is a pleat, which also emphasises the fullness of the skirt.
  • Apron: Of the same cloth as the bodice (felt or baize) and a little shorter than the skirt, also very full with one central panel and pleats at the sides completely covering the front of the skirt.
  • Tights: Home-made, hand-knitted from pure sheep’s wool.
  • Footwear: Espadrilles, clogs.
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