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The Valle de Mena exhibits some magnificent examples from the final phase of this era – the final quarter of the twelfth and beginnings of the thirteenth centuries. To mention but a few of the most representative examples, the churches of Santa María de Siones and San Lorenzo de Vallejo, the tympanum of El Vigo, Bortedo and San Pelayo, the relief of the Adoration of the Kings in Villasana, and the lid of the sarcophagus in Vivanco are all outstanding.

Fachada exterior de Santa María de Siones

Santa María de Siones

The Tourist Office conducts pre-arranged guided tours to the Romanesque churches in Siones and Vallejo. The entrance fee is 1 euro/person, or 50 cents in the case of groups of over 5 people, and more information is available by contacting the Tourist Office.

Fachada exterior de San Lorenzo de Vallejo

Folleto sobre San Lorenzo de Vallejo

These churches are also open to unaccompanied visitors. Those wishing to visit should:

In Siones, contact Angelines (Tel:947 12 61 32) in the house directly opposite the church.

In Vallejo, contact Don Bernadino, (Tel: 947 12 65 02) in the parish priest’s house.

Vista exterior de Santa María de Siones

Vista exterior de San Lorenzo de Vallejo

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