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Flora and Fauna

Montañas Villasana de Mena

The imposing mountain ranges of ‘La Peña’ and ‘Ordunte’, each belonging to the Cantabrian Range, encircle the deep basin of the Valle de Mena, reaching from altitudes of 300-400m in the valley bottom to 800-1200m at the peaks.

The unspoiled ecological value, uniqueness and excellent state of conservation of its woodlands have lead to the Valle de Mena being declared an Area of Community Interest and included in Red Natura 2000.

Arboleda Villasana de Mena

The valley’s location in the Cantabrian Mountain Range has favoured the growth of diverse plantlife, demonstrated by the presence of species typical of the Spanish Atlantic coast, side by side with those more typically found in Meditarranean Spain endorsing the transitional nature of the area and being, undoubtedly, one of its most important characteristics.

Bosques Villasana de Mena

Consequently, this bioclimate is exemplified by beech and oak woods, stands of black pine and holly, or endemic species such as Prunus Lusitanica, and untouched natural grasslands, whilst also allowing for the extensive farming of the almost extinct indigenous breeds, which dates back centuries; “Monchina” cattle and “losino” horses. This paradise for botany lovers is equally attractive for those wishing to enjoy country pursuits such as collecting wild mushrooms, fishing and hunting; the abundant valley forests are the perfect habitat for numerous varieties of fungus and home to game like the roe deer and wild boar.

Similarly, the numerous streams and rivers crossing the valley stand out for their teeming fish-life, the most famous of which being the River Cadagua, renowned as much for the quantity and quality of its indigenous trout as for the beauty of its source, found in the eponymous village.

Valle de Mena, desearás volver

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