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Bodegón Jornadas Gastronómicas 2007


Menes cooking is characterised, fundamentally, by the use of local agro-livestock produce from which succulent dishes are made drawing as much from traditional recipes as from new culinary sources that adapt to current gastronomic tastes.

In this way quality, tradition and innovation are identifying features of Menes gastronomy, a culinary art dedicated to preparing the products of the great larder that is the Valle de Mena, taking maximum care of aesthetic presentation and composition of the dishes while not forgetting the aroma and flavour. Those putting Menes cookery into practise, the Menes hoteliers, are facing up to the new challenges of the gastronomy of the future with a wealth of knowledge and experience plus an indomitable spirit that both backs them up and pushes them forward in a collective effort to improve the local culinary offer.

The cohesion and common interest in this sector have facilitated the creation and development of ‘Gastronomy days’, a culinary contest that celebrates its fifth anniversary this year.

Programa de las Jornadas Gastronómicas del Valle de Mena, 2008

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