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The Calcolithic Path


Between the Montes de Ordunte and the Sierra de la Costera in a natural area renowned for tree species such as the holly, strawberry tree, local pine and north pine, beech, oak, holm oak, ‘acerones’ and juniper, lies the impressive landscape which includes the Pantano de Ordunte, a reservoir built in 1934 and holding 23 million cubic metres to supply Bilbao with water collected by damming the rivers Cerneja and Ordunte, where wild ducks and storks can be seen.

Added to the natural beauty of the area is the great archeological value placed on the numerous signs of settlement and funeral tumuli dating from the Copper and Calcolithic Ages (3,000 years BC) in the vicinity.

Technical Specifications

  1. Circular Route:
    On foot and by mountain bike.
  2. Departure Point:
    Presa del Pantano.
  3. Arrival Point:
    Presa del Pantano.
  4. Distance: 10 km.
  5. Duration: 2 horas.
  6. Incline: 17 m.
  7. Difficulty: Low.
  8. Time of year: All seasons.
Ficha de la ruta Camino del Calcolítico

A description of the route

 Having crossed the dam, continue on the track that runs along the left or north side of the reservoir.

The way is absolutely clear and you should continue, always ignoring the paths branching off to the right, until, about half-way round and after crossing the bridge over the river Ordunte, you reach the beginning of an asphalt road ( which leads to the village of Ribota).

At this point, turn left on to the dirt track that continues to follow the reservoir edge and, again ignoring all turnings to the right, continue until returning to the dam wall.

Topographical map

Mapa topográfico ruta Camino del Calcolítico

Other points of interest

In Ribota: - The chapel of San Bartolomé de los Montes, built in the seventeenth century by the Ordunte Board, and moved from its original site to Ribota when the reservoir was built.

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